How we invest

Our experts shall assess your overall financial situation and will then suggest an appropriate financial strategy to achieve your goals.

The SIS process is based on three key steps.

Step 1 – Customer Profiling

Our Investment counselor will meet you to understand your financial needs like:

  • Investing for your children’s education
  • Investing for your Child Marriage
  • Planning for your retirement
  • Growing your wealth
  • Planning for other major financial goals & dreams

He will assess your risk profile as this helps evaluate your investment objective, risk appetite, time horizon, knowledge and experience. This risk profile may vary from ‘Safety Oriented’ to ‘Specialized Investing’.

Step 2 – Product Selection

You can choose from a suite of Investment products based on your risk profile and Investment objectives. For every risk profile, we have a wide range of products that you can choose from, ranging from liquid, debt and equity mutual funds.

Step 3 – Portfolio Review and Re-balancing

We recognize that your needs are unique and keep changing over the course of your lifetime.

At SIS, we ensure that you regularly review your portfolio with our Investment Counselors to ensure that your Investment holdings are in line with your investment goals and current environment.